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                Huijun Asset Management (Beijing) Co.,Ltd, a non-bank financial institution, is proficient in equity investment, M&A, asset management and investment advisory. With years of development, now we own Junlintianxia (Beijing) Investment Company, Huijun Capital Investment (Beijing) Co.,Ltd, Qingran Investment Management Co.,Ltd and Hexin Wealth Management Company. Since 2012, we started elaborate business division inside the company. Junlintianxia (Beijing) Investment Company was established early, now it focuses on real estate investment and financing. Qingran Investment Management Co.,Ltd concentrates on the M&A of clean energy or new energy. Hexin Wealth Management Company, which is committed to the asset management and ap..   View Details>>
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        Address: Unit 06-09,42/F, SOHO Nexus Center, No. 19A East 3rd Ring Road North, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100027
        TEL: 010-52740905
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